Review Samsung UN55F8000 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV


Every Samsung television that is released in the market comes in as a surprise to the millions of customers. The new features that are added with every model are the reason for the manufacturer’s success in the recent times. Samsung UN55F8000 smart LED high definition television brings with itself, voice recognition and gesture control, paving way for users to communicate with the product in a different manner. The voice recognition has also seen newer grounds with users allowed to talk very naturally with the television such as asking the names of the recently released movies etc. The gesture control can be used to navigate through the smart hub which contains all the favorite contents including internet apps and so on. Hand movements can also be used to play games apart from functioning similar to remote control. The television also comes with a smart evolution kit which automatically updates the software in the system to all latest technology so that the users need not worry about replacing the set once and when the newer model comes in.

Samsung UN55F8000 built in Wi-Fi enables the viewers to connect to the online world instantaneously and download latest movies, videos etc. With voice control, this becomes much easier. The mic present in the remote control recognizes the voice and sends the signals to the television. The content in the other digital media such as mobile phone or a computer can be shared to the television and watched in this big screen right away. The smart hub contains five different panels for organizing all of your content. The panels include On TV, Movies and TV shows, Apps, Photos and Videos and Social.

The remote control also contains a touch pad using which the hand movements control the navigation. The Quad core processor with which the television is built makes the working, faster. All the processes such as browsing the internet, using smart applications, and the other functions are performed much easily. The users can also request for movies and other content based on their choice. All the internet sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc. can be browsed in the big screen. To update the software installed in the system, you simply need to insert the smart evolution kit on the back of the TV and the rest is performed by the system itself.

The motion rate of 1200 is the best that is available in all the Samsung televisions. Such high clear motion rates provide videos and movies with the high sharpness, superior clarity and brightness. Samsung UN55F8000 clear motion rate is calculated based on the frame refresh rate, backlight technology and image processor speed. Hence the accuracy of moving images is measured perfectly with this technology. Another new feature that is added to this television is the micro dimming ultimate technology which brings in very minute details of the moving images to the viewers. The video watching experience was never as lively as it is using this feature. The technology scans the zones with perfection and alters the brightness and contrasts accordingly.

The halo effect and the image distraction that is common with television from other manufacturers are eliminated, thanks the micro dimming ultimate technology. The display is also 3D enabled, thereby enabling its users to get entertained in both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional videos. There is also a 3D converter which converts all 2D videos to 3D format. The panel is ultra clear that it absorbs the ambient light, thereby eliminating reflections. The colors become more vibrant with darkening blacks and crisper pixels. The display is ultra thin and the design of the model is made with striking innovation.


The product is also rated as the best by the Energy star ratings which is given to products that meet their quality requirements. Since the model supports 3D videos, 4 pairs of 3D glasses are included in the box along with the smart remote control. The other display sizes present with same specifications are 46, 60 and 65 inches. I don’t think anyone will search for other television models, given the supremacy of the Samsung UN55F8000.



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